Security Guards

Whether it's protecting your home, office, warehouse, or mall, our security guards will ensure the safety of your property. We have a team of highly trained and experienced security guards who are equipped to handle any situation.

Our security guards are:
- Licensed and insured
- Uniformed or Un-uniformed
- Armed or Unarmed
- Experienced in handling all types of situations
- Trained in first aid and CPR
- Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

At FM Tradespeople Security, we offer the following:

– Commercial and residential property security guards.

– Retail stores security guards.

– Office buildings security guards.

– Warehouses security guards.

– Industrial complexes security guards.

– Event venue security guards.

– Construction site security guards.

– Hotel security guards.

– Concierge security guards.

– Mobile patrol security guards.

– Armed security guards.

– Unarmed security guards.


If you need a security guard for your property, contact FM Tradespeople Security today!

What are the benefits of hiring professional security guards?

Although some people see security guards as a necessary evil, there are many benefits to hiring professional security guards. Here are just a few:

✔ Security guards can deter crime.

✔ Security guards can provide a sense of safety and security.

✔ Security guards can help to defuse situations before they escalate.

✔ Security guards can help to prevent accidents.

✔ Security guards can provide assistance and direction during an emergency situation.

✔ Security guards can act as the first line of defence against potential threats.

✔ Security guards can provide peace of mind.

✔ Security guards can protect your property and possessions.

✔ Security guards can save you time and money.

Where are security guards needed the most?

There are many places where security guards are essential, including:


– Businesses: Security guards can deter crime and help to protect your business. Whether you own a retail outlet, an office building or a warehouse, security guards can help to keep your property and possessions safe.


– Homes: Security guards can provide a sense of safety and security for you and your family. If you are worried about potential break-ins or are in danger of being targeted by criminals, security guards can help to keep you safe.


– Events: Security guards can help prevent accidents and assist during an emergency situation. If you are hosting a large event, such as a concert or a festival, security guards can help to ensure that everyone remains safe.


– Construction sites: Theft, loss of property, and safety concerns are all real risks at construction sites. Security guards can help to deter crime and keep everyone safe.


– Hotels: Security guards may help to prevent crime and protect your visitors and property. If you manage a hotel or other accommodation type, security personnel can keep your guests safe and your belongings secure.

If you need security guards for your business, home, event, or construction site, contact FM Tradespeople Security today! We would be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free quote.

What are the different types of security guards?

There are many different types of security guards, including:

  • Commercial security guards: These guards protect businesses, such as retail stores, office buildings, and warehouses. They may patrol the premises, monitor CCTV footage, or act as a visible deterrent.
  • Residential security guards: These guards protect homes and residential properties. They may conduct regular patrols, monitor alarm systems, or provide a visible presence to deter potential criminals.
  • Personal security guards: These guards provide protection for individuals. They may accompany VIPs to events, protect celebrities or high-profile businesspeople, or act as bodyguards.
  • Event security guards: These guards are responsible for the safety of guests at events, such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events. They may conduct bag checks, monitor crowd control, or provide first aid.
  • Construction site security guards: These guards protect construction sites from theft, vandalism, and safety hazards.